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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are RainPro gutter systems affordable compared to regular gutters on the market?
A: Yes. RainPro gutters hold more water, are made of heavy gauge aluminum, and have a superior hanging system, yet only cost pennies more per foot than a regular gutter system. And, a RainPro gutter system will probably be the last gutter you install.


Q: Can I use a leaf protection system with RainPro?
A: Leaf Protection systems can be a valuable addition to your gutter system because they keep water running freely, prevent clogs, and save money. RainPro gutters are designed to work well with any of the fine leaf protection systems on the market today, including leaf protection systems by Englert.


Q: What makes RainPro gutters a better design?
A: RainPro’s wider gutter bottom and larger 3 3/8” outlet together give you a dramatic increase in water flow  capacity over the standard gutter and outlet.


Q: Why is it better to have a larger gutter?
A: A large gutter can carry more water away from your home at a faster rate;. keep water running freely; and  prevent clogs. A RainPro gutter provides superior protection for the fascia, soffit, trim, siding and foundation of your home.


Q: What are RainPro gutters made of?
A: RainPro gutters are made from a heavier gauge aluminum for added strength and are 18.5% thicker than standard gutters. They are protected by Englert´s  exclusive ScratchGuardTM Paint Finish and backed by a Limited Lifetime Paint Finish Warranty.


Q: How are RainPro gutters attached to my house?
A: RainPro gutters are installed with heavy-duty internal gutter hangers every two feet. They give your gutter system maximum strength and durability, yet are totally concealed from view.


Q: What colors do RainPro gutters come in?
A: RainPro gutters are available in a wide range of designer colors. These can be seen on our website or our authorized dealers can show you actual colors.


Q: How do I get RainPro gutters?
A: Call 1-877-RPRO-GUTTERS to find an authorized RainPro dealer in your area.
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